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Feather Awards

Lonrho Logistics wins prestigious ACSA award

At a recent awards ceremony, ACSA (Airports Company South Africa) awarded Lonrho Logistics ORTIA (O.R. Tambo International Airport) with their prestigious Feather Award.

The Feather Award is an annual award handed out to ACSA stake holders who excel in key areas in the Cargo and Air-transport industry. This year, Lonrho Logistics won the award for Best Freight Forwarder 2016, having been voted best forwarder by; all the Airlines, Cargo Handlers and Ground Handlers at ORTIA.

This is another significant award for Lonrho Logistics, and forms part of an impressive collection of awards and special accreditation’s which we have obtained; proof of the company’s dedication to their clients and offering quality services.


Sun Flower Fund Bandana Day 2015

The team from Lonrho Logistics wear their hearts on their sleeve!

On October 12, The Lonrho Logistics ORTIA (O.R. Tambo International Airport) team showed their support for the Sun Flower Fund by taking part in National Bandana Day 2015.

The Sun Flower Fund is a South African based charity that raises awareness around bone marrow stem cell donation, and stem cell use in cancer treatment, particularly leukaemia. The organisation also raises funds through various events, such as National Bandana Day which go towards blood donor testing, and the expansion of the SAMBR (South Africa Bone Marrow Registry).  The day has also become significant in supporting those living with cancer, as it symbolises the many sufferers worldwide who have lost their hair due chemotherapy and wear bandanas on a daily basis.

With such a good cause to support, Lonrho Logistics sponsored 60 bandanas for the day which raised R1200 for the Sun Flower Fund. To add even more excitement to the day, a challenge put out to all the ORTIA departments: Be creative as creative as possible, and come up with a theme for bandana day! With the challenge set out, the teams went to town, trying to outdo each other.

Team Finance (Orange is the new Black) were the overall winners for their creativity, with Team Sales (Sunflowers) losing by half a point.

It was really great fun to have everybody participating and showing support for such a worthy cause, and seeing the staff take a few moments from their busy schedules to have a laugh or two.

To find out more visit the Sunflower Fund website

Crocodile Transport Project

Snappy Service for a Snappy Client from Lonrho Logistics

May 2015 saw Lonrho Logistics, together with Lufthansa Airlines facilitate the transport and export of a live crocodile!

Sobek, the 35 year old, 5m long, 600kg Nile crocodile, was transported from Izintaba Farm Crocodile (PTY) LTD, north of Pretoria in South Africa, to Krokkodille Zoo in Eskilstrup in Denmark.

The project took months of planning with constant communication between Bernhard Snyman from Lonrho Logistics, Izintaba, Lufthansa and Krokodille Zoo. The project also saw Lonrho Logistics strictly abiding by the rules set out by IATA’s (International Air Transport Association) Live Animal Regulations.
The safety and comfort of the animal was of utmost importance throughout the entire project. To ensure this, all parties took into consideration, amongst other things, the design of the crate (which was custom built by Krokkodille Zoo staff who were in SA as part of the project), the temperature of the cargo hold, and even when he was last fed.

Lonrho logistics also took care of, and requested all permits and inspections on the South African side. This included the final overview by a representative from Nature Conversation. Krokodille Zoo ensured all import and CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) permits were in order before his arrival in Frankfurt, and transport to Denmark.

Once the documentation was finalised, Sobek was flown out of OR Tambo international Airport on 27 May, destined for Frankfurt International Airport.

Through projects such as this, Lonrho Logistics has proven once again that it will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that clients receive the best possible service.

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