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Exports, Clearing and Forwarding (Air and Sea)

Lonrho Logistics is effectively staffed and equipped to handle all your exports, clearing and forwarding needs. Whether it’s by air sea or land we will handle every aspect of the exportation process to ensure that your exports arrive on time and where they need to be. We cover all the necessary bases ensuring that all of your requirements are met. This includes documentation for any INCOTERM.

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Imports, Clearing and Forwarding (Air and Sea)

At Lonrho Logistics we cover all aspects of the import process. From customs clearing to forwarding the goods, we ensure that the right documentation is in place so that you can receive your imported goods timeously.

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Custom Clearance

Lonrho Logistics prides itself in the fact that we have direct electronic links with South African Customs and in this regard we can offer customs clearance at a fraction of the cost and almost as fast as you can say “clearance”. We have large customs disbursement bonds in South Africa and we are able to assist you with the payment of duties, VAT and surcharges. Considering the fact that our highly trained people will advise you on customs tariffs and product codes we believe that we can add immense value to your business.

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Do you have a requirement to charter a vessel or an aircraft – look no further than Lonrho Logistics. Our established network of aircraft and vessel operators and owners will most definitely have the right equipment at the right place for your specific need. Our charter services include load and route planning, equipment placement, traffic and landing/docking rights, departure control and financing

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Domestic Services

Lonrho Logistics also specializes in the domestic arena. Our customers can benefit from the buying power which Lonrho Logistics have with major domestic airline operators, through a single warehousing system at very competitive prices. Our strategically based airport offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, George and Port Elizabeth, allow for cargo to be handled and handed to airlines at the very last minute to ensure that the cold chain is maintained at all times

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Special Projects

Whether you are building a tower in the Middle East or setting up mobile communication in a foreign country, our project team will assist with the planning and execution of your project logistics. Our infrastructure and global partnerships gives Lonrho Logistics a competitive advantage in placing any commodity or product anywhere in the world.

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We offer specialist packing services. Packing materials include polystyrene-lined cartons for insulating refrigerated cargo in transit, dry ice, hep coolers and variety of general cargo packaging materials. Various sizes of unmarked cartons are available to minimize the risk of pilferage. Typical consignments include insulated cartons of chilled meat, refrigerated vegetables, cold drinks, canned goods and other grocery or household items consolidated into pallet loads for safe and secure transportation.

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Dangerous Goods Management

Should the need arise, Lonrho Logistics has qualified and certified staff to assist, advise and execute shipments of dangerous goods, freeing you of the complexities and responsibilities involved. We plan loading areas, documentation, packaging and special attendance of dangerous goods shipments strictly according to IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.

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PPECB Inspection Point

Since 1991 the PPECB has been in operation, performing end-point inspection on perishable products such as fruit and vegetables. There are PPECB inspectors stationed at more than 1500 locations across the country to deliver inspection on more than 200 different product types.

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Mobile Refrigeration Units (Igloo’s)

The IGLOO is a custom build mobile refrigeration unit, which design is based on a normal refrigerated vehicle. The cooling unit is powered by a small fixed diesel motor. The IGLOO is configured to carry two AKE (LD7) aircraft containers or one standard 88 inch PAG/PAJ lower deck aircraft pallet.

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Online Track and Trace

At Lonrho Logistic we cut all the stress out of the equation by providing comprehensive track and trace options for our customer via an online platform.

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Special Services

Lonrho Logistics services focuses on receipt and dispatch of your cargo with the utmost care and the shortest interval to ensure integrity of the cool chain. Dependent on the nature of your shipment you may have a need for specialized services. As a pro-active and customer-focused service provider we will of course tailor appropriate solutions to any of your needs, on request and such includes:

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