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Exports, Clearing and Forwarding (Air and Sea)

Lonrho Logistics is effectively staffed and equipped to handle all your exports, clearing and forwarding needs. Whether it’s by air sea or land we will handle every aspect of the exportation process to ensure that your exports arrive on time and where they need to be. We cover all the necessary bases ensuring that all of your requirements are met. This includes documentation for any INCOTERM.

We offer three mediums of transport, namely air, sea and road. When it comes to transport we offer an array of options:




ULD Through Units
Loose Load Cargo
Consolidated Cargo (Consols)
Bulk Loading Cargo
And various other options
BB – Break Bulk Cargo
FCL – Full Container Loads
LCL – Less Than Container Loads
FCL – Full Container Loads
LCL – Less Than Container Loads
BB – Break Bulk cargo

We also offer effective export, clearing and forwarding solutions. We have formed partnerships with all modus operators, which will ensure that your export requirements are seen to. These partnerships also ensure that delivery is made on time. From the moment you place the order we are involved and we offer a complete solution.

Air freight is fast and efficient and in some cases can be cheaper than sending products by sea. To find out which method of transportation would be better suited to you and which one would be more cost effective, please contact us and we’ll give you a quote.

For more information regarding the export, cleaning and forwarding service which we offer, please contact us.

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