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PPECB Inspection Point

Since 1991 the PPECB (Perishable Product Export Control Board) has been in operation, performing end-point inspection on perishable products such as fruit and vegetables. There are PPECB inspectors stationed at more than 1500 locations across the country to deliver inspection on more than 200 different product types.

Perishable products contribute billions to the South African economy. The PPECB was established to ensure that a high standard is maintained, to protect this investment and to see that perishable products continue to make this vital contribution to the South African economy.

Certain products need to be “Passed for Export” in order to be exported from the country. At Lonrho Logistics we will take care of all PPECB inspections, ensuring that the relevant documentation is obtained so that your products receives the necessary regulatory approval. From there we will also ensure that your products are shipped to their end destination.

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